NOVEMBER 8, 2018

Fr. Patricio “Pato” Lynch of Amigos de Jesus will be the featured speaker at the “Waiting For Christmas” culture program in Buenos Aires, Argentina on November 8, 2018.

This will be the first official event for Amigos de Jesus in Argentina.

November 8, 2018
Time: 6:00 PM
Venue: Salón Levalle en el Palacio Paz
Address: Avenida Santa Fe 750, CABA
City: Buenos Aires
Country: Argentina

Fr. Pato will speak about his experience the last two years as the Spiritual Director of “Amigos de Jesus” in Honduras.

Fr. Pato will also discuss Amigos de Jesus’ growing ministry in Argentina which financially supports the care and education of vulnerable children. Fr. Pato's work in Argentina currently takes place in some of Buenos Aires’ poorest neighborhoods.

“We at Amigos de Jesus are grateful for this opportunity on November 8th,” said Fr. Pato. “We are so happy to share with our Argentinian brothers and sisters our faith in Jesus Christ and our mission work on behalf of children in Argentina.”

Joining Fr. Pato at the event will be Suyapa Sabillon who serves as the lawyer for Amigos de Jesus and lives at our Hogar in Honduras with her children.

The “Waiting For Christmas” event in Buenos Aires will also include musical performances of Christmas Carols and Christmas themes by the Alpha Band and Choir under the musical direction of Lic. Victoria Engelhard.

Mrs. Carmen Callirgos de Steinmann, who is the President of the Asociación de Damas Peruanas en la República Argentina, will speak about the uses and customs of Christmas Mangers in Peru.

The Embassy of Honduras along with other organizations from different countries will offer a tasting of the cuisines of their respective countries.

The event is being hosted by the American Women's Club in conjunction with the Association of Argentine-Chilean Ladies and Peruvian Ladies Association.