Ashley Argall, 2015-2017 volunteer

Graduated magna cum laude from Marquette University with majors in Public Relations and Spanish, and a minor in Human Resources.

Prior to coming to Amigos, I was finishing up my senior year of college, balancing school, friends and family, work, and extracurricular activities. Community service was also an important part of my life, especially serving in the Marquette Chapter of Habitat for Humanity.

Motivation for coming to Amigos de Jesús

A combination of events led me to Amigos. During my junior year of college, I studied abroad in Madrid, Spain, where I first became interested in intercultural relations after living with a Spanish family and attending a Spanish university. Then in January 2015, I participated in a week-long service trip with my home parish to an orphanage in Fond Blanc, Haiti. The children there captured my heart and the experience led me to consider participating in longer-term international service after graduation. I stumbled across Amigos de Jesús after my friend from Marquette attended a service fair. The opportunities Amigos provided to combine my Spanish skills, Catholic faith, love for children, and interest in social justice felt like a perfect fit. I was incredibly fortunate to grow up in a large and loving family and I am so happy to be able to continue being a part of love within the family of Amigos de Jesus.


In my second year at Amigos, I am continuing to help manage Amigos de Jesús’s social media pages, as well as teach English in the EducaTodos program at the Amigos school. I am also in charge of the ‘padrino’ (child sponsorship) program on the Honduras side and am helping with a new case management program for the kids. Also, once a week, I lead a choir class as an extracurricular activity at the school. As always, nights and weekends are filled with laughter, love, and helping out where needed around the ‘hogar,’ especially in the all-boys dorm where I was assigned last year. I help the boys (ages 5-16) with homework, dinner, washing clothes, and just generally acting as a positive role model.