Current Political Happenings in Honduras

The past few days have brought some uncertainty, extended caution and a lot of prayers to Amigos de Jesús.

On Sunday, June 28th, democratically elected President Manuel Zelaya of Honduras was removed from his home by military force and escorted to Costa Rica. This day there had been a vote planned to determine whether or not the people of Honduras would be open to a non-binding referendum to the constitution. Some took this as an attempt by Zelaya to change the constitution in favor of him continuing into a second term of presidency (which is currently not allowed under the present constitution). Military forces entered his home in Tegucigalpa, and put him (in his pajamas!) on a plane to Costa Rica. Congress immediately named an interim president, Roberto Micheletti; though Zelaya continues to speak that he is still president and has full intention of continuing as president through the end of his term (in January).

What does this mean for us at Amigos de Jesús? Well, most manifestations and demonstrations are taking place in Tegucigalpa and some in San Pedro Sula, which is still a good distance from our humble home in Macuelizo, Santa Barbara. However, full precautions are being taken to ensure the safety and well-being of all at the Hogar (orphanage). For now, no travel is being permitted outside of Macuelizo. Ubil, our Honduran director, is keeping incredibly up-to-date with the situation, and we are in communication with both him and the volunteers daily. Here in the office, we are trying to keep as informed as possible on the play-by-play happenings. And more than anything - both in Philadelphia and in Honduras - we are praying for safety and peace.

President Zelaya is set to address the United Nations this afternoon in New York, in the hopes of gaining increased international support. Right now, his return to Honduras is slated for Thursday... we'll see what the days bring.

Please keep the children, staff, volunteers and the governing peoples of Honduras in your thoughts and prayers, as we ask God to grant guidance and peace to all.