A Letter from A Parent

Below you will find an email from Kevin, a father of one of the current volunteers at Amigos. This will perhaps grant some insight into Amigos from a different point of view. We thank him for his words, support for his son and for the Amigos community.


As the father of one of the current volunteers, I thought it might be helpful to... know about our experiences with Amigos de Jesús and my contact with our son Dan over the last few days. We had the good fortune to visit Dan and the orphanage in February. It is a wonderful place with many excellent staff and a superb group of young volunteers. My wife and I were tremendously impressed with the commitment and the maturity of the young people who are currently serving the children.

As I am sure you know, the orphanage is in a rural area surrounded by some small villages. The reputation of the orphanage and the people who work there is very high among the local people. Indeed, a large number of local people work or have worked at the orphanage in recent years.

The year has been a wonderful one for Dan. He and the other volunteers feel a great sense of purpose and accomplishment and also feel strongly supported by the staff in the United States. I am sure the new group of volunteers will feel the same. Hopefully, conditions will return to a more normal state very soon.

Sincerely, Kevin