The nation of Honduras continues to be in a state of division as the days pass.

Just a few days ago, on Friday, July 24th, President Zelaya attempted to enter his home country on foot by way of the shared border with Nicaragua. He made it only a few steps onto Honduran soil before he was forced to retreat back across the border. He returned to border again on Saturday, in a second unsuccessful attempt to cross into Honduras.

While the peace talks (mediated by Costa Rica's president Oscar Arias) have not resulted in any sort of solution, the Honduran military made it clear in a recent press release that there is no disunity: they are subordinate to the Honduran government. Yet the question remains: who is, and who will be, the true Honduran government?

The country is divided in the support of Zelaya and Micheletti. It does not seem that Zelaya is helping his cause by attempting to force his way back into Honduras - in fact, on Friday US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called this move "reckless." While this might not be the ideal way to go about it, Zelaya does not seem to be willing to negotiate at all on his return. The waiting game continues.

Meanwhile, at Amigos all are far from any sort of action/reaction to what is going on. The public schools re-opened last Monday and the colegio boys are back to their studies. Volunteers are continuing to suspend travel to San Pedro Sula; Ubil and others are keeping a close eye, monitoring the political situation and the daily occurrences in Honduras.

We continue to pray for peace and resolution in Honduras. Additionally, we ask for your prayers for our incoming volunteers, who have begun to depart for language school in Guatemala! Hopefully this is a time of new beginnings, exciting paths to be explored, and safety and stability for all.