The U.S. takes a stronger stand

The United States government has announced that it is halting all non-humanitarian aid to the Central American country of Honduras, which is currently equivalent to approximately 30 million dollars, as a result of the lack of resolution after the 28 June ousting of President Manuel Zelaya.

According to BBC World News, Zelaya was quoted by the AFP news agency as saying "With this decision of the United States, the countries of the Americas have formed a single bloc in condemning the coup."

As a result of this withdrawal of aid, Rafael Pineda, minister of the de facto presidency under Micheletti, points out that due to these economic sanctions being issued by the US now "some of the infrastructural works will be sacrificed; if they are nost paralyzed completely they will continue in very slow progress because the influx of resources will be much less." (read in and translated from the article "Gobierno de facto hondureño lamenta cancelación total de ayuda de EE.UU.," found in today's online news at

The United States continues to impose sanctions on visas being issued to Hondurans; Brasil has also now announced the suspension of issuing visas to citizens of Honduras. According to BBC, at this stage the US additionally notes that any elections insuing from this de facto government will not be recognized internationally as being legitimate. Honduras is due to have presidential elections in November 2009.

While this beautiful nation continues to struggle on the political front for the restoration of peace, our children at the Hogar are as bright and energetic as ever. They are a true reminder to all who are in their presence of the goodness that comes from a human child's innocence, and the beauty that resides in the human heart, blessed by Christ's divinity.

Thank you for your prayers.