Recent Updates

Since last writing, the political situation in Honduras has only continued to intensify. Manuel Zelaya remains finding refuge staying in the Brazilian embassy, where he has been staying since his return to Honduras on the 21st of September. Shortly after Zelaya returned, at the end of last week on Sunday September 27, Micheletti announced a halt on all forms of public reunions (i.e. people gathering in the streets), as well as a cease in media releases - it was noted as a 45 day suspension of civil liberties for the Honduran people. Two of the larger media sources, Radio Globo and Channel 36, were temporarily shut down. Airlines suspended travel for approximately five days in and out of Honduras.

Micheletti has since noted that he will be revoking the suspension, though he has not said when. There has yet to be some form of a resolution found within the country - the crisis continues. A growing concern is the effect that Honduras' current situation is having on trade throughout Central America. Honduras is a port of passage for much trade that flows in to this area, particularly Guatemala, Costa Rica and El Salvador. These three countries are said to be losing millions of dollars of trade business every day, according to BBC World News.

Meanwhile, public schools are still not in session, which means our colegio boys are getting some "time off" from school schedules. Additionally, the Hogar has been hit with a rough bout of the flu, keeping a good number of our boys in bed and resting their way back to health. Hence an extra push to keep our boys nourished and healthy, and keeping the doctor on call. Please keep them in your prayers.

Although we have had to cancel the picnic and our boys are unable to be with us this weekend, we continue to offer our prayers and support and stand in solidarity with them through our love as an Amigos community. Our thoughts, hearts, and prayers go out to our boys, staff and volunteers at the Hogar, and to the nation of Honduras as she and her people continue to struggle in strong hope for peace.