Regina DeCristofaro's Reflections

Each day, I am witness to little miracles that allow me to understand more fully the call I have to work with these boys. Each day truly is a gift from God.  In February, I was able to take José Nahun Quijada to the local hospital here, in a town called Sula. There we met with a Medical brigade who agreed to operate on Nahun’s ear. Nahun has lived his whole life with only ½ of his ear drum in his right ear. The brigade went in and reconstructed Nahun’s ear drum and gave him medicine to protect from infection. The consult, the surgery, and the meds were all given free. This past week we followed up with the specialist in San Pedro Sula, Dr. Borjas, who said, Nahun does not need to return to him, nor does he need more medicine. It was awesome. We just have to monitor him for symptoms of a cold/cough, and take him directly to a doctor to be sure his ear is safe. It is pretty amazing.

Last month, Don Ubil, Grace Nuzzi and I took one of our boys José Luis Arita (lovingly known as Arita) to “find” his mother. He had not seen his mother in 6 years, and we were literally looking for a needle in a haystack. We arrived in Corquin, Honduras, not knowing if she was alive or dead, asking about her. Arita had last been to this area when he was 3 years old, and then went to live with his father, and then was put in different orphanages until he came to us. In all honestly, we thought she could have been dead. However, we found her. Amigos de Jesús reunited one of our boys with his mother. He got to smile, hug, talk, and look at his mother again. He was reunited with his little brother, 10 years old, who looks like a mini Arita. The moments were breathtaking. I waited to cry until we were back at the hogar, and cry I did. Since then, Arita has been able to stay in contact with his mother, and we are planning on continuing to grow their relationship.

To me, this is Amigos. A place for growth. A place to form relationships. A place where we answer God’s call to serve our brothers and sisters in Christ. What happens on the ground here is NOT of me, or the volunteers or of the board. It is of Christ. It is a small glimpse of his glorious kingdom. Amigos, the hogar, has decided to answer a call. A call that is bigger than just feeding and clothing street kids. It is more than just a place where our boys get food and shelter. We have the potential to influence a new generation of Hondurans; the opportunity to create more growth and change in each boy we ingress into the Hogar.

In God’s hands our boys find a home here. I am blessed to have the opportunity to witness and play a role in Amigos de Jesús.