Stepping Stones to the Cross

The Amigos de Jesus property has a tall white cross that sits high on a hill.  This cross can be seen for miles and  is a beacon to the surrounding area.  The motto of our organization is "Follow the Cross and you will find Hope." This motto has been a reminder to all of us involved with the organization to seek out the cross, or Jesus Christ, and in him we will find hope.  Some of the children that now live at Amigos de Jesus literally followed this Cross to find our home for boys.  This home became their hope.  It became their home and it became their family.  Their path to the Cross, to Jesus Christ and to a renewed life at Amigos de Jesus is symbolized in our motto and by this Cross. 

As we begin a new chapter at Amigos de Jesus with a construction project that will triple our current size, we extend an invitation to our benefactors to be part of this project.  We are making a pathway to this Cross out of 'Stepping Stones' that are being made by the children, engraved with our benefactors' names.  This path is a symbol of the journey that our boys have traveled and that we all have traveled in our lives as we strive to Follow the Cross.  Please contact our office to receive more information on how you can purchase a 'Stepping Stone' and become a part of this historic project at Amigos de Jesus.