Testimonial - Michael Pascarella, Jr.

Susan and I have had a total of four foster children from Amigos over the last 11 years. One of them was Cristian Armando . Cristian was/is a wonderful boy with a big, bright smile that reaches from ear to ear.

In September of 2006, you held a benefit dinner at the Bellevue Hyatt in Philadelphia. As you often did, you were able to bring a few children up from Honduras to spend a few days in the United States, and to meet their Padrinos at this dinner. Cristian was one of those children that year. After walking through the crowded room for several minutes, Susan and I found Cristian. We were all so happy to finally meet, but there was a problem...Cristian did not speak English, and I spoke very little Spanish. We tried to communicate for several minutes without success, and both of us became frustrated. Then I had an idea. I bent down so that I was eye-level with Cristian. I patted my chest and said, "Cristian, sono padrino." (I am your godfather). Then I opened my arms. Cristian smiled bright as the sun and literally jumped into my arms. I gave him a big hug, and then somehow (mainly through hand signals) we promised that we would pray to God for each other every day. In that way, we would always be connected.

That was the only time I saw Cristian, and it will probably be the only time that I will ever see him, as he has since returned to his family. But in order for Cristian and I to remain connected on a horizontal plain across the miles, we had to connect ourselves to God in prayer. When I tell this story live, I form a triangle with hand motions. My point being that for Cristian and I to remain connected, we must allow ourselves to be drawn up into the action of the Trinity.