Silvia, Bryan and Jose Antonio join the Amigos Family

About one month ago today we had 3 more additions to the Amigos de Jesus family, including our first girl.  It has long been the dream of Fr. Den to be able to include girls as part of our family, not just boys.  We now have the capability of reuniting our children with their siblings and will never again have to separate boys from their sisters.  I have often heard Fr. Den remark about how thrilled he will be to see little pink bicycles alongside the rest.

Silvia is our first girl.  She is 4 1/2 years old and came to live with us along with her brothers Brayan and Jose Antonio.  Brayan is 3 1/2 and Jose Antonio is 8.  What our directors thought would just be a home visit to learn more about their case turned into a welcoming home of the three.  They are now settling in nicely to their new home, getting used to their 60 big brothers, and are beginning to adapt to the love of their new family. Please keep them in your prayers as they transition to life at Amigos de Jesus and give thanks for this milestone in our family.    Thank you for being a part of making this possible!