Meet the Volunteers


Below is a description of the volunteers at Amigos that will start August 11th, 2012. For more information on volunteering, contact Emily.

Kristen Mullen-Muhr – graduated the University of Daytona with a degree in choral music education. She has volunteered in other foreign countries such as Africa, and domestically in Salyersville, Kentucky. Her hobbies include playing soccer and with children. She hopes to be fluent in Spanish and gain knowledge from her experiences by the end of her service.

Meg Ryan – graduated Saint Anselm College in New Hampshire. She strives to graduate with a major in Psychology and a minor in Web Design. She chose to do a year of service because she believes that Amigos will offer her a new vision of the world. She also strives to be fluent in Spanish.

Andrew Marchione – graduated at Fordham University with a major in Theology and a minor in Psychology. He has been interested in Central America since the age of 13, and has longed to experience the region personally. He believes that Amigos will challenge him as a person.

Joseph Sarappo – graduated Temple University with degrees in International Business and Marketing, as well as a minor degree in Spanish. His hobbies include learning about new languages, cultures, politics, and plays soccer on a daily basis. He first wanted to volunteer when the people he used to work with told of their hardships in Central America, which he experienced firsthand when climbing the Andes Mountains in Peru.

Rachel Severino – graduated The Catholic University of America with a degree in Psychology. She joined Amigos to help the children, and wants to pursue a career as a social worker in an inner city school district.

Christian Flessner – graduated Fordham University with degrees in Psychology and computer science. He joined Amigos because he wants to gain a new perspective on life, and also foreign perspectives on America. He hopes his spiritual health will increase as well.

Joeseph Starzl – graduated the University of Portland with a degree in philosophy. He enjoys creative writing and reading, especially fantasy and science-fiction. He joined Amigos because he wants to learn of a new culture, language, and believes that this will help him fulfill the urge to “give back”. He wants this to expand his world view and mature him into a more virtuous person.

Jennifer Clark – graduated Villanova with degrees in Civil and Environmental Engineering and Peace and Justice. She recently traveled to Cambodia to assist an orphanage treating children with HIV/AIDS. She joined because she thinks Amigos is a wonderful cause, and she is eager to learn Spanish and Honduran culture. She knows it will be challenging, and wants to work someplace out of her comfort zone.