Dìa del Niño

            This past Monday Amigos de Jesùs celebrated the annual Honduran holiday Dìa del Niño, literally “day of the child.” It was a day filled with numerous events and activities for all of the kids, starting with a midnight fireworks show. During the day all of the teachers, staff, and volunteers pitched in to be waiters during the meals, take over all of the chores for the day, and run games to keep everyone busy. There was an obstacle course in the morning created by the teachers that encouraged teamwork and included events such as bobbing for apples, a fùtbol shooting competition, and a waterslide. The afternoon started off with water games and a massive water balloon fight, followed by a fair complete with races, food, prizes, and even a haunted house! Everyone, including a number of children from the local community, had a great time and there was a palpable sense of excitement throughout the day. The holiday was topped off with a special tamale dinner for all including goodie bags for the kids, and then a fiesta and dance party where all of the boys, and now Amigos’ three girls, got to show off their moves and bachata the night away. It was certainly a day to remember.