Fishing with 4-year Olds

Each week in preschool Friday is set aside as a day for possible field trips (behavior and weather permitting.) Usually these trips are simply walks around the hogar. Some days we might just go to the basketball court to practice the alphabet in chalk, but when the kids have had a really great week of learning and participating we try and do something special with them.

This past week we caught word that the older boys working in agro were going to be fishing from our fish ponds. Padrino Wislon the co-director of Amigos de Jesus planned to take his son Thomas later in the day so we asked him if the whole class could go with them. He readily agreed and was excited to get to teach not just his son but the rest of the preschoolers how to fish. We ended class early and had the kids walk together to the fishery. The following pictures capture the action of our day:

Padrino Wilson Escoto (the director of Amigos) starting us off by tossing the net into the pond for Brayan and Thomas
Brayan looking a little apprehensive (and excited!) about the first catch of the day.
Brayan and Cindy are pulling in the net while others look on.
Here's Kristin and Jaime. She needed a little hug to help warm her up to the idea of fishing.
Cindy was so excited to get her turn fishing.
And so was Maynor. Look at that haul! 
Jaime finally decided that she wanted to try fishing too.
A picture of Mayor, clearly pleased with himself and having a blast.
Here is the whole class(minus me!) close to the end of our field trip. Fran from the BECA schools was visiting us that day, she helped to make sure everyone stayed safe around the pond.
Here are the fish we caught (plus more that some of the older boys caught before our arrival)

The preschoolers looking at all their fish. As we say in class: Go, prepa go!
All in all, we had a great day with the preschoolers. They learned a new English word - fish - and they practiced their counting skills. Before Wednesday, none have them have ever been fishing before, let alone been in the fishery. They were very excited to have caught some of the fish that would later be sold in town and it was clear to us, that they cannot wait to go back.
- Meaghan Ryan
Volunteer 2013