First Days at Amigos

Hey everyone!

I’ve been here at the hogar (home) for 6 days now and what a time it has been! The day after I got here, we took all 120+ kids to a waterpark in a nearby town. A donor wanted to provide that to the kids so all of us were able to go. We spent eight hours there. It was extremely fun but ridiculously tiring.

I’m well on my way to learning all the names of the kids here. It’s a big task but shouldn’t take me too long. Between that and picking up on more Spanish, my brain is being kept very busy!In the mornings this week, we have been rotating through work at different spots here. On Monday I was in the kitchen. I chopped a lot of vegetables and then helped make tortillas for everyone. Once a month the volunteers cook a meal for the entire hogar. I’d like to thank SHC campus ministry on a head start on knowing how to cook for that many people! On Tuesday, I went to summer camp with the chiquitos (the youngest children we have here). Since they have a break from school right now, we got to do crafts and watch cartoons (a rare treat). On Wednesday I worked in the morning in agro (agriculture/farm). It was a lot of work but I enjoyed it! The Amigos de Jesus farm has pigs, chickens, horses, cows, corn, pineapple, lemons, papaya, mahogany trees, and various other small crops. However, we are in a severe drought and we may end up losing most of our crops this year. On a good year, Padrino Wilson (Amigos de Jesus director) said the farm could provide about 50% of the food we consume here. Thursday, the volunteers went to one day of training for the other group of volunteers that are here for almost a year, the BECA (Bilingual Education for Central America) volunteers. They are full-time teachers. On Friday I will be in esculita (summer camp for the slightly older kids).

The school here on site goes through 6th grade. After that, kids who graduate from our school will go into the local town to go to collegio (high school). After that, we have a couple kids in the university at San Pedro Sula.

For the first time in my life, I have washed my clothes completely by hand. It’s a time consuming task but I actually really enjoyed it. It’s nice relaxing time to listen to music and think.
My washer
My dryer
The volunteer house
This weekend, we have our first offsite trip with just our volunteer group. We will be going to Lago Yoja. This is one of the only lakes in Honduras and is supposed to be really beautiful with lots of things to do! We are all pretty excited!

Almost every night here ends with a prayer circle. It is, without a doubt, my favorite part of the day. Everyone gathers into a huge circle, holds hands, and the ones who want to take turns thanking God for what they are thankful for. A little girl who has become attached to me held my hand during prayer circle and took her turn thanking God for different things, one of which happened to be the fact that I was there. Talk about powerful!

-Michael Kernahan, volunteer 2014-2015