Month in review: September

The month of September was filled with national holidays and celebrations. 

On September 10th we celebrated Día del Niño, a day where we show our appreciation for children. Our special day was celebrated at the school with games, food, piñatas, and costumes.

In the morning, the kids arrived at school to find all their teachers dressed up as various characters, over ten different games, face painting and snacks. At each game, they could earn tickets to spend in a mini store that was set up for the day.  

The store had everything from chips and candy to stuffed animals and various art supplies as prizes. The kids loved being able to purchase all different things. After the game-filled morning, we had a special lunch, which included cake and pop. Our celebration ended by breaking into piñatas, everyone’s favorite part of the celebrations we have here at Amigos. 

On the morning of September 15th every child, padrino, staff member and volunteer was up and ready by 6:30 a.m. That Monday, we celebrated Honduras’s independence day by marching in a parade. 

This year, Honduras celebrated 193 years of independence from Spain. Our kids joined many other neighboring schools in the patriotic parade and walked through the nearby town,  Macuelizo. 

Even the little kindergarteners walked all morning showing their pride by waving pictures of important leaders throughout Honduras’s history and sporting Honduras's colors: blue and white. 

On September 22, we welcomed back our children who were in the U.S. for two weeks. Victor, Ariel, Chango and Arcadia walked through the gates with beaming smiles and were full of stories. Thank you to everyone in the U.S. who helped make that trip so special. Our kids will remember it forever.