AMIGA OF THE WEEK ~ Anita Robbins

Anita Robbins has been an incredible support system to the Amigos family for many years now. She has played so many different roles with helping out in the U.S., from organizing donations, hosting the Amigos children for the annual U.S. trip, to developing the Stepping Stones project. Anita's energetic attitude and passion for the Amigos family has earned her the nickname "Loca" amongst the children at the Hogar. 

You can learn more about purchasing a Stepping Stone here:

1. Name: Anita Robbins

2. Occupation: Realtor

3. Hometown: Malvern, PA

4. How did you first hear about Amigos de Jesus? I heard about Amigos de Jesus from Fr. O'Donnell in 1994.

5. How did you become involved with Amigos de Jesus? Father asked me to help with the 1st Annual 100 hole Golf Marathon, which I did.  Then shortly after, I began sponsoring a child.

6. Have you visited the Hogar? Yes, I've been to Amigos five times and will visit again this January! 

7. What is one of your favorite Amigos de Jesus memories? I have so many wonderful memories but I would have to say having the opportunity to meet the boy I've been sponsoring for 10 years on my first trip down to Honduras was pretty special.

8. Why do you like being involved with Amigos de Jesus? Being involved with Amigos de Jesus has been life changing for not just me but my family as well. Getting to know the children so well that they give you a nickname (Loca) is the best feeling ever. To be welcomed by them with the most beautiful smiles and hugs is priceless. Watching them grow, from the most horrific situations to amazing success stories is indescribable. All of this and so much more is why we call Amigos de Jesus, "family."

9. What are Stepping Stones? The stepping stone project is an idea to create a "path to the Cross." Friends are encouraged to purchase a stone of a loved one, a special occasion or simply as a friend of Amigos. On your way up to the cross you will be able to see each stone with the names of loved ones; the people a part of the Amigos family. 

On my last visit, this past June, Wilson and some of the guys helped me make it happen. don Mito, one of the Amigos groundskeeping staff, made a form for the concrete, the boys in the welding shop made the Amigos stamp, and there you have it. We made 26 that trip and when I come down in January we are making more.