Ken Neeld is a go-to person in the Amigos de Jesus family. Whenever there is a question or a problem, Ken works hard to provide a solution. His creative way of thinking has helped Amigos de Jesus with several projects and Ken is always the first to offer ideas! We are so grateful he is a part of the Amigos family. 

1. Name: Ken Neeld

2. Occupation: Managing Partner of a Senior Care Management Group

3. Hometown: Malvern, PA 

4. How did you first hear about Amigos de Jesus? I first heard of Amigos de Jesus from friends at St. Pat’s in Malvern and then later connected with Fr. Den through a business relationship

5. How did you become involved with Amigos de Jesus? I originally became involved with Amigos de Jesus when Father Den had shared a concern about helping the older children develop professional and/ or trade skills. We spoke for about 2 hours, he asked me if I would visit ADJ with him, which I did. The rest is a work in progress!

6. How many years have you been involved with Amigos de Jesus? About 4

7. How many times have you visited Amigos de Jesus? 3

8. What is one of your favorite Amigos de Jesus memories? My favorite memory of Amigos de Jesus was working with Kenji and the boys on the first Tilapia harvest. I also had a great time on one trip with Olvin when we took the horses around the property where he showed me the different crops and I always love hanging with Virgilio. 

9. Why do you like being involved with Amigos de Jesus? I like being involved with Amigos de Jesus for two reasons. The first of course are the children and how important it is to experience love in your life! The second are all the staff, volunteers and people that associate with Amigos de Jesus. As a whole, this “family” is united by a common concern for our brothers and sisters, no matter the race or nationality.  This sense of community is a great example that can be applied to so many different parts of our lives and is always an inspiration for me in my relationships. 

10. If you could send a message to one of the children right now, who would it be and what would the message say? To Virgilio: Be GOOD- I am watching!!! You are a great kid- actually now a young man. The younger kids look up to you as an example, so lead them well. Find great role models, there are many around you!

11. Who inspires you from Amigos de Jesus? One of my FAVORITE groups at Amigos de Jesus are Amy and Wilson. I am always in awe of how much love they have to give and how much they are loved! I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Long Term Volunteers. As a group, I find this team so generous in their gift of time and love. One of my favorite ADJ activities is the retreat for volunteers that have returned. I learn so much about how this experience has affected their world and am honored to call so many from ADJ friends.