Madrina Ruth with one of our 6th grade graduates in December

Madrina Ruth is one of our Padrino/Madrina Coordinators at Amigos de Jesus. Ruth is from San Pedro Sula and has been at Amigos for two years and three months. She has a warm and generous heart and is beloved by everyone at Amigos. Her energy is legendary. We are extremely lucky to have her at Amigos! 

1) What did you do before you came to Amigos de Jesus?

I worked independently in the law profession.  I officiated at weddings and represented clients who were in civil court proceedings as well as those in criminal proceedings. 

2) How did you hear about Amigos de Jesus?

I saw the Amigos webpage and read about the purpose and mission of the home for children.  I had been thinking of leaving my profession before I saw the webpage, and I had always enjoyed working with children, so when I saw the page I decided to apply for a position with Amigos. 

3) What is your favorite part about being a padrino/madrina coordinator? 

I like being able to directly organize events for the children, things that I know they will enjoy and be excited about. 

4) Do you have a favorite story about one of the kids?

When I arrived at Amigos, I was in charge of 25 children, all of them very unique.  Wilmer (who was profiled as our Amiguito of the Week on 12/28/15) came to Amigos about a week after I did and joined my group.  He was very hyper and energetic, always running from one place to another.  We were both very active like that.  I focused a lot on Wilmer.  He was the first of the children that I felt like I wanted to protect and look out for. 

5) What do you look forward to in the coming year at Amigos?

The goals at Amigos are projects which we're undertaking, so I am visualizing these projects, including focusing on the youth and taking care of them and better meeting their needs, and focusing on what we can accomplish and complete this year.