AMIGO OF THE WEEK ~ Madrina Reina and Padrino Edwin

  1. How long have you both been at Amigos de Jesus? 

    Reina:  I will have been here three years in July.
    Edwin: In October it will be three years since I’ve been here.

  2. Where were you and what were you doing before you came to Amigos de Jesus?

    Reina: This is my first job out of college.  I got my degree in journalism and then  
                began to look for a job, and I found Amigos.
    Edwin: Before I came here, I was also studying at the university in San Pedro

  3. How did you hear about Amigos de Jesus?

Reina: I saw an advertisement in La Prensa (the newspaper).  I came to Amigos
first, and then Edwin came.

Edwin: At that point there weren’t many men (padrinos) working with the kids at
Amigos, there were mostly madrinas.  When I came to visit Reina, I liked it here, and so I applied for a position here after a few months.

     4.  What is your favorite part about being a padrino or madrina at Amigos de Jesus?


Reina: We get to share in the kids’ lives; because we’ve been here for almost
             three years, we can see how they’ve grown and developed, how their
             behavior has improved. 
Edwin: The sincere love that the children offer to everyone.  Also, to Reina’s
             point about seeing the kids grow and develop, I was one of the first
             padrinos to work with the chiquitos (small children).  I was there when
             the first three chiquitos (Kati, Kenia, and Sylvia) moved from the
             chiquitos dormitory to a dormitory for older children.     

5. Do either of you have a favorite story about one of the children at Amigos de Jesus?

Edwin: Jeymi has always been a little jealous of Reina because she considers me to be her dad.  She doesn’t like when Reina stands next to me and tries to get in between us.  A similar situation happened with Luan (Reina and Edwin’s three-month-old baby boy).  When Jeymi found out we were going to have a baby, she was angry and said she was not going to love the baby.  Once I reassured her that even though I was becoming a father and would have my own child, that wouldn’t change the relationship that she and I have, Jeymi began to be excited for the baby to come and said she would love and care for him.

Reina:  It was the same for me with Jeymi when she was little.  She was very
            attached to me and didn’t like when I would talk to Edwin on the phone.
            I would try to put her on the phone and she would say, “No quiero hablar
            con ese feo!” (I don’t want to talk to that ugly guy!)
Edwin: I remember Jefferson being a little temperamental as a toddler.  One day
             he started crying at three o’clock in the afternoon, “Papa Ed-win! Papa
             Ed-win!” I tried to comfort him, but he still kept crying and crying.  At
             ten o’clock that night everyone had gone to bed, and all you could hear
             was Jefferson crying, “Papa Ed-win!  Papa Ed-win!”
Reina: I remember when the children were baptized in 2014, they gave me seven
           godchildren!  Of all ages!
Edwin and Reina:  One of the best memories is when some of the kids came to
           visit our house in La Lima during the October vacation last year.  The kids
           are always asking us what we did, what we ate, where did we go when we
           come back from descanso (break).  When the kids came home with us, they
           got to see our lives at home and be a part of them.  We took them to the
           beach, out to eat, to the movies.  They met our families when we celebrated
           Juan de Dios’s birthday. Juan became close to Reina’s grandmother—he
           still asks how she is all the time.  It was a really great experience. 

6. How is it being a new parent while being a padrino/madrina to the children at Amigos de Jesus?

Reina: It’s the most important job, but it isn’t as complicated as I thought it    
            would be.  Being with the chiquitos prepared me quite a bit.
Edwin: The support that everyone here at Amigos has given us to be able to bring
             Luan here has been very helpful.  Being a new father is something very
             beautiful.  I came here with some experience changing diapers because I
             used to help care for my little cousins.  Then I changed Cecilio and
             Jefferson’s diapers.  At this point with my own son I am a diaper
             changing specialist!