Sara* in the new clothes she received on Christmas Eve

Sara's spunky, energetic, and cheerful personality bring light to the entire Amigos de Jesus family. With her wide grin and sparkly laugh, she can turn the most negative of situations into a positive one. In class, Sara is an eager student, barely able to contain herself from jumping from her seat when she knows an answer. Her best-known characteristic is probably her talent for performing. You can most often find her singing and dancing around the 'hogar'...whether she has an audience or not! Sara lives at Amigos with her older brother, Alejandro* and is in Level 2 of the EducaTodos program at the Amigos de Jesus school.

  1. Birthday: November 23rd (age )
  2. Member of the Amigos de Jesus family since: 2012
  3. Favorite classes in school: English and Spanish
    1. Why? Because I like to speak both languages.
    2. Who is your favorite teacher: Profe Vany
      1. Why? She plays with me and shares with me and I love her a lot.
      2. What is something interesting you learned in class this week? We learned about friendship in 'valores' (religion) class.
      3. What do you like to do in your free time? Dance to 'La Pata Negra' (the song she performed at the Amigos talent show last summer).
      4. What do you want to be when you grow up? A teacher
      5. Who are some of your friends at Amigos? Hector* and Alejandro (her older brother)
      6. What are you most thankful for? Being healthy
      7. Who is someone who has been role model for you at Amigos? Miss Cristina (Kristen Fink, 2012-13 volunteer)
        1. Why? She is very caring and always played with me and she gave my brother and me classes when we first arrived at Amigos.
        2. Favorite colors: Yellow and black
        3. Favorite food: Hamburgers
        4. Favorite movies: i, Robot and Frozen

Celebrating Valentine's Day

Susana and her older brother, Alejandro

Sara with her sponsor from the U.S., Anita Robbins

*Names changed to protect privacy