Herman* is full of energy. He has an excitement for life that spills over to all around him. It is rare to find him without a wide smile on his face. He is also curious. If we had to pick one defining phrase for Herman, it would probably be, "y por que?" He is constantly yearning to learn more about the world around him. It has been a joy to watch him grow during his time here from a hyper and mischievous 8 year old to the loving and happy 10 year old he is today. He is thriving in the 'Vencedores' (adapted education) program at the Amigos de Jesus school.
  1. Birthday: April 27th (age 11)
  2. Member of the Amigos family since: 2013
  3. What is your favorite class in school? English with Miss Keri
    1. Why? We watch videos and sing the "5 Little Monkeys" song.
  4. Who is your favorite teacher? Profe Miguel
    1. Why? He taught me how to play soccer.
  5. What is something interesting that you learned in school this week? In science class, we learned about amphibians.
  6. What do you like to do in your free time? Play soccer, draw, paint, and play goalie. I like to wear the goalie gloves. 
  7. What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to go to university (which he called 'universo,' the Spanish word for 'universe') and go to another country - like Honduras or Guatemala - to play soccer with the 'jovenes' (the teenage boys at Amigos). I also want to be an astronaut and go to space and travel around the planets.
  8. What is your favorite part of Amigos de Jesus? (1) my bed, (2) the volunteers
  9. Favorite color: Black
  10. Favorite movie: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ('Tortugas Adolescentes' in Spanish)
  11. Favorite food: Chicken with 'tajadas' (fried plantains)

*named changed to protect