AMIGOS OF THE WEEK ~ New 2016-17 Honduran Teachers

The Amigos de Jesús Bilingual School is made up of two very important groups of teachers to give our kids a quality bilingual education - English-speaking volunteer teachers who come to us through the BECA program and Spanish-speaking teachers who are with us through the Honduran volunteer program. 

The Honduran volunteer teaching program at Amigos is unlike any other teaching program in Honduras. It allows 18-year-olds who have recently graduated from their "carreras" (profession-focused last two years of high school) with their primary teaching certificates to gain hands-on experience that can either help them get jobs as primary teachers, or help them as they work to earn a university degree in teaching. The Amigos de Jesús School is one of the most advanced schools in Honduras, and for that reason, it is highly competitive to become part of the Honduran teaching team at Amigos. At Amigos, we believe strongly that a high quality education is key to overcoming the cycle of poverty!

Meet the four teachers who have earned positions at the Amigos school this year and who have been working lovingly and joyfully everyday to provide our kids with the best education in the area. They join a group of 12 returning Honduran teachers,


1. Profe Darvin

Age: 22
Hometown: Santa Rosa de Copán
Position: Special Education Teacher

I first heard about Amigos de Jesús because my younger cousin is actually a student here. My aunt and uncle told me about the volunteer program here, so I decided to apply. I am from a town about 2 hours from Amigos, so I am now living in the volunteer house with the other Honduran teachers. I decided to apply to Amigos for the chance to gain teaching experience, and also for the chance to help kids who are especially in need of understanding, love, and care.

My favorite part of my job is being able to teach the kids, while at the same time learning from them. I learn something new from them everyday and I think I am becoming much more of a humanistic and understanding person because of it.

2. Profe Tania

Age: 21
Hometown: Pozas Verdes
Position: Special Education Teacher

Before coming to Amigos, I was studying my "carrera"in science and letters, as well as technology and computers. Right now, I am in university working toward a degree in education. I decided to become a volunteer at Amigos de Jesús because I love the kids - they are my soft spot - and this experience has been such an amazing opportunity to help me with my studies and help me reach my goals.

My favorite part of being a volunteer at Amigos is simply spending time with the kids. They give me so much joy.

3. Profe Yadira

Age: 18
Hometown: Macuelizo
Position: 4th grade Spanish teacher, teaching assistant for Prepa (kindergarten) and Kinder (preschool)

My sister, Wendy (who is also a new teacher at Amigos, listed below), and I heard about Amigos from a friend of ours who is bilingual and had heard of Amigos as a great place to gain teaching experience. Before coming to Amigos, I was studying to earn my teaching certificate. I decided to become a teacher at Amigos to help support all of the many boys and girls here in getting an education, as well as to gain more experience and put into practice the things I have learned in school.

This might sound sentimental, but I think my favorite part of working at Amigos is being able to offer all of my love and care toward these beautiful kids, being able to be with them and also act as an example for them.

4. Profe Wendy

Age: 22
Hometown: Macuelizo
Position: Spanish and Social Studies teacher to Levels 2, 3, and 6th grade of EducaTodos

I am so happy to have the opportunity to work at Amigos de Jesús with my sister, Yadira. Before coming to Amigos, I was studying in school. I decided to come here to gain experience and knowledge, to meet new people, and to learn how better to work with children as a teacher. 

My favorite part of working at Amigos de Jesús is being able to help students come to learn their self worth and understand each other.