There is a group of young men who have been a part of Amigos de Jesus since they were children, and who now stay just down the road in the little village of Posas Verdes.  One of these young men is 22-year-old Tito*.  Life at Amigos just would not be the same without Tito.  Animated, affectionate, and with an extremely active imagination, Tito brings as much love and light to Amigos de Jesus now as he did when he first arrived as a small child.

     Tito is extremely kind-hearted and hard-working. Whether he is milking the cows in Agro, helping to cook lunch in the kitchen, or running errands for the padrinos in Posas, Tito always maintains his smiling demeanor. This past Good Friday, Tito spent over an hour in the blazing hot sun in order to accurately portray the suffering Christ. He is also very affectionate—and strong!  His bear hugs really are bear hugs, as many a visiting former volunteer can attest to.   

     “Lively” and “animated” are two words that could accurately describe Tito, but somehow they don’t seem to do justice to his dynamic personality. Just the other day, I heard Tito singing “God Bless America” as he walked up the hill past the volunteers’ house. At the last Amigos Karaoke performance, Tito won the coveted first place award for putting his whole heart and soul into a performance of “The Eye of the Tiger”.  He can always be found at the center of the dance floor, moon-walking to Michael Jackson or bopping around with the little kids to “Bum Bum Bole,” a song from an Indian movie that they really enjoy.  Tito’s imagination is legendary.  He loves anything to do with zombies, and often regales us with invented stories about cities that have been overrun with the creatures.  In addition, he loves the movie “Rocky,” and imagines himself as the Honduran Rocky Balboa.

     There is an image of Tito that sums up his exuberant personality. Running back towards Amigos from the pineapple farm, I spotted Tito waiting for us near the bottom of the hill, proudly wearing his new “Rocky” T-shirt.  All of a sudden, he came sprinting out to greet us and began running backwards in front of us, shouting words of encouragement just like a real trainer, all the way to the Amigos gate. Nothing can dampen Tito’s vibrant spirit for long, a spirit which encourages and enlivens all of us at Amigos de Jesus. 

~ Genevieve Volpe, 2015-16 long-term volunteer

*name changed to protect privacy