AMIGO OF THE WEEK ~ Pat Kluesener

Name: Patrick Kluesener

Age: 28

Position: Finishing second year as a long-term volunteer in Honduras

Hometown: Lancaster, Kentucky

Fun fact: This is the third program that I have served with after I graduated from college.

Why did you want to be a Amigos long-term volunteer? I wanted to do service in Latin America because of the increase of Latin Americans in the United States. In addition to this, I feel this is where God was calling me and I felt called to stay another year.  

What is your role at Amigos? My role at Amigos involves many different things. My main role includes working with the jovenes (teenagers) which includes driving them to school, helping them learn English, helping them with their homework and so much more. In addition to this, I also help the kids with their homework and teach the caretakers English.    

What is one of your favorite memories? One of my favorite memories is going to Splash (a nearby water park the kids love going to) and seeing the kids build up the courage to go down the big slides at the park for the first time.  

Who inspires you the most at Amigos? The kids that have younger siblings and help watch over them inspire me the most.   

As your time comes to an end, what wisdom would you like to pass on to the future volunteers of Amigos de Jesus? It is all about relationships here, and not just with the kids, but investing in relationships with the Madrinas, Padrinos (caretakers of the kids), with the staff at the hogar (the home), with the Honduran teachers at the Amigos de Jesus school, and with anyone who is a part of the Amigos de Jesus family. We are all family here and it all starts with relationships.