1). How did you find out about Amigos de Jesús?

In the winter of sophomore year I wanted to volunteer because I felt I had some spare time. I contacted my counselor and he sent me some ideas.  Amigos de Jesús popped up and it stood out because it of it’s cross-cultural dynamic. The fact that the organization had both national and international work as well as both English and Spanish was very interesting to me. I reached out and started volunteering in February!

2). What are some of your roles in the U.S. office?

I basically do anything the office needs like mail, contacting organizations for donations, making goodie-bags, flyers, helping with fundraisers, or administrative work.

3). Have you visited the Hogar?

I went last year in June for the mission trip with my mom. It was eye opening. It was so cool to see and feel connected to. I felt like all the work I was doing in the U.S. office was actually impacting what was going on in Honduras. Before coming to the Hogar, I did a flip-flop fundraiser. I reached out to family and friends for flip-flop donations for the children and when I was at the Hogar, I got to hand out what I had collected to each child. Seeing the kids smile, and how happy they were, was so touching and very memorable for me.

4). What is Amigos de Jesús to you?

I think Amigos de Jesús is one of the most unique organizations in this area because of what it does to help kids in a very remote place. It gets people involved in such a special way through sponsorship. Children, families and sponsors can go down and meet the children that they love and support which is such a wonderful experience. I love that Amigos has more than 120 beautiful children. It touches and impacts many lives.

5). What is one of your favorite Amigos de Jesús memories?

When I was at the Hogar, I spent a lot of time with Jennifer* who reminded me of my sister. She would come to me with her comb after school wanting me to fix and brush her hair. She always wanted to play and I’ll always remember spending time with her. I also loved spending time with the little children. Cameron* was a great a ball of energy and I fit right in in with his running around and wanting to play tag.  

6). Anything else you would like to add?

I want to thank Amigos de Jesús for doing what they’re doing –it’s a big solid commitment to take care of all these children and I’m thankful for being a part of the experience. I’ve loved seeing how much it has expanded even just this year! I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes from here.