At 16 years old, Andres is growing into adulthood before our eyes, with a strong and determined spirit, a big imagination, and an energetic sense of humor. Andres has made impressive strides in the Amigos de Jesus school since coming to Amigos four years ago. He is a diligent worker, intent on details and finding the correct answer. He is also a talented artist. He can often be found drawing intricate pictures of monsters and superheroes, or his favorite sketch - a heart framed by flames and wings. Many of Andres's school papers boast this symbol at the top of the page next to his name. Andres's big heart can most especially be seen in his close relationship with his younger sister, Savana*. The two are inseperable!

We recently sat down with Andres and asked him some questions for his Amiguito of the Week nomination. Read his responses below:

  1. Age: 16
  2. Birthday: February 17th
  3. What is your favorite class in school? English
    1. Why? I like to learn new words and its is fun to play the games.
  4. Who is your favorite teacher? Miss Audra (2015-16 long-term volunteer)
  5. What is something interesting you learned in school this year? Learning about foods in English. We played a restaurant game where Miss Ashley (2015-16 long-term volunteer) was a waitress and we had to order from a menu.
    1. What are some of the foods you learned? Pizza, hamburger, milk, eggs, chicken, onion.
  6. What do you like to do in your free time? Play marbles (The latest "fad" among the kids here at the hogar. They dig small holes in the dirt and try to toss marbles into them from various distances)
    1. Why? It's fun and sometimes I am able to win.
  7. What do you want to be when you grow up? A soccer player for Barcelona.
  8. What do you like to do with your friends at the hogar? Play soccer and talk about zombie and superhero movies.
  9. What are you most thankful for? Education and clothes.
  10. Who is your biggest role model at Amigos? Adoni (who grew up here at Amigos and, in November, became the first child from Amigos to earn a university degree. His major was in psychology and he now works at Amigos, where he continues to inspire many of our kids.)
  11. Favorite singer: Enrique Iglesias
  12. Favorite color: Blue
  13. Favorite food: Hamburger
  14. Favorite movie: Fantastic Four

*name changed to protect privacy

Posing with the national bird of Honduras - the macaw - during a school field trip to Copan Ruinas, Honduras, in April.

Andres (second from right) and friends pose at a soccer game.

Andres and Pato (a seminarian from Argentina who will be arriving in Honduras on July 28th to live with us long-term)