AMIGA OF THE WEEK ~ Julie Quesada

How did you first become involved at Amigos?
Amy and Wilson Escoto have been dear friends of mine for 20 years. My husband and I first came to visit Amigos in 2013 and fell in love with the kids.

What is your role at Amigos de Jesus?
I helped start the Escuelita (summer camp) program after my first visit when I learned there was a need for something for the kids during the summer. I have since been back twice with my three kids (now 9, 7, and 4). I now help direct the Escuelita program by designing the curriculum and working with the Amigos staff on the experience for the summer volunteers.

My family also sponsors four children and we are general donors to Amigos.

What is you favorite place/activity at Amigos de Jesus?
I love running the grounds. Especially running up to the cross. Everything is beautiful and lush. Mangos and lime trees are everywhere! It is a peaceful place to run and think and pray.

What is Amigos de Jesus to you?
It is a place that my kids and I love and is out of our usual go go go city life. It's a place we can be in life with some best friends and their kids (Amy and Wilson). It's where my godchildren live and thrive and call Home. It's a slice of God's love.

What is one of your favorite Amigos de Jesus memories?
One of my favorite things about returning each year to Amigos is the relationships I have built with our Godchildren. I have gotten to spend time really knowing them and being in life with them. We have gotten to bake together, chat about clothes, boys/girls, school, and dreams.

How would you describe the children of Amigos de Jesus?
Sweet. Gentle. Spirited. Smart. Fun. Energetic. Thoughtful. And just KIDS!

Who inspires you the most at Amigos de Jesus?
Amy and Wilson. They view each Amigos child as their own and truly look for the best opportunity for each one. At the same time they make sure their biological children know they are also loved and cared for. They have been instrumental in creating an amazing culture at Amigos.