Javier's* has lovingly been given the nickname "Ricky Martin" by the kids at Amigos for his good looks and love of music. It is rare to find Javier without a pair of headphones in his ears. When he isn't listening to music, he can often be found playing soccer or hanging out with his friends. Javier has a gentle personality and bright smile. His friendly spirit makes Amigos de Jesús a better place!

Read more about Javier in his interview below:

  1. Age: 16
  2. Birthday: October 27th
  3. What is your favorite class in school (Javier goes to school at the junior high ('colegio') in in town)? Social Studies because we learn about history, and also geography, things like the continents. Did you know all of the continents used to be one big mass?
  4. What do you like to do in your free time? Listen to music. I just love hearing the beats, and singing makes me feel good.
  5. What do you want to be when you grow up? A teacher.
    1. Why? Because I like spending time with kids and I want to help be a good adult in kids' lives when I'm older.
  6. What are some of your favorite things to do with your friends? Play soccer, hang out, and talk and joke around.
  7. What is your favorite part of Amigos de Jesús? The soccer field. There have been so many good times playing there with the 'jovenes' (teenage boys) and 'padrinos' (Honduran caretakers of our kids).
  8. What are you most thankful for? My education, and also all of the love I have gotten at Amigos.
  9. Who is someone who has been a role model for you at Amigos? Everyone here who has graduated from high school and university, especially Adoni (our first Amigos child to graduate from university, last November). It inspires me when I see them overcome and succeed, despite everything they might have gone through in the past.
  10. Favorite song: "Besas Tan Bien" by Farruko
  11. Favorite color: Blue
  12. Favorite food: Baked chicken and rice
  13. Favorite movie: Harry Potter (all of them)

*name changed to protect privacy

Javier and one of the younger boys in his dorm, during an outing to the zoo last spring.