AMIGA OF THE WEEK ~ Marita McGrath

Marita has been a part of the Amigos de Jesús family for almost six years now. She has been an essential volunteer in the U.S. office from working heavily on our Sponsor-a-child program to making sure our mailings get out on time. We would be lost without her! Her loving and kind soul brings a smile to us all and we love her company when she is in the office. Thank you for all you do for the Amigos de Jesús family, Marita!

Marita working on putting together the children's letters to their U.S. sponsors.

Marita working on putting together the children's letters to their U.S. sponsors.

1. How did you become involved with Amigos de Jesús?

After I retired, I worked at the Malvern Retreat House. Fr. Den was our visiting priest from Malvern Retreat House for years. I worked at the house for about four years. During that time, I heard so many wonderful things about Amigos de Jesús because it's all Fr. Den talked about! One day I asked him if they needed volunteers. A few days later he gave me a call--that was six years ago!

2. For how long have you been involved with the organization? 

Six years

3. What are some of your volunteer roles? 

I help with mailing and I organize the letters to the padrinos from the children. Also anything else that comes along, like entering donations.

4. What inspires you to continue volunteering with Amigos de Jesús?

From the outset, I wanted to volunteer for something worthwhile, having been a teacher for 41 years, the whole idea of helping children really inspired me. I love being a part of this organization.

5. What are some of your favorite memories volunteering with Amigos de Jesús?

Getting to know the people who I’ve worked with—its nice to be with nice people. Of course, just seeing and hearing about the home, even though I’ve never been down there, I’ve visited with them when the children come up and its such a joy.

6. What is your favorite part about Amigos de Jesús?

It's something worthwhile—its not just filling my time. I also love working with Pat Sylvester--it's very rewarding! She’s very appreciative of any little things I do and I mostly do little things. I really have learned, too, because from the time I was at the Retreat House until now, this was really my first experience working with computers! People here are always willing to help.