AMIGO OF THE WEEK ~ Christopher

Christopher's special birthday cake that says, "Amigos de Jesús!"

Christopher's special birthday cake that says, "Amigos de Jesús!"

On their 9th birthdays, most children look forward to opening presents they wished for and celebrating a day that is all about themselves. On Christopher's 9th birthday, the day was about anything but himself. Instead of asking for birthday gifts, Christopher asked if he could sponsor a child. He told his friends he would be collecting gifts for the children of Amigos de Jesús instead of asking for gifts for himself. After word spread, Christopher's friends and family not only donated gifts to the children of Amigos de Jesús but fundraised, as well. Christopher raised over $1,400 for Amigos de Jesús and was even able to come to our office to drop off his donations! Thank you for your kind heart, Christopher!

1). How did you hear about Amigos de Jesús?
Uncle Michael and Aunt Rachael are a part of Sophie Jane Darr Foundation. Sophie Jane Darr is an organization that helps children and families, they also help Amigos de Jesús and they talk a lot about Amigos. 

After I kept hearing about Amigos de Jesús, I went to read on the website. I really liked looking on the website. I was reading about being a sponsor. I read more and clicked on all of the information to learn more and more. After I read so much, I really wanted to be a sponsor!

2). What did you do for your birthday?

My mom and I made a trifold poster to have at my birthday party about Amigos de Jesús. My mom and I drew the Amigos de Jesús symbol together. Preparing for the fundraiser was the most fun—I love arts and crafts. We wanted to have this poster so other people could learn about Amigos, too. We put pictures of the kids on it. We also made special bracelets for everyone!

3). Why did you want to fundraise for Amigos de Jesús?

I just really like helping others. God has said a lot about “help others, think about others before yourself, treat others how you want to be treated” so that was what I tried to do. 

4). How did you spread the news that you would be fundraising for Amigos de Jesús and not asking for gifts for yourself? 

It was me, my mom and my dad. My mom and dad set up a webpage so everyone could donate. Then, I wrote a Facebook post so that everyone saw. My friends were invited because they got an invitation. My friends knew I didn’t want a birthday gift but that I wanted a gift for the children of Amigos de Jesús. I wrote that on the invitation. 

5.) What was the best part about your birthday?

Well I really wanted to sponsor someone for my birthday and I was so excited to find out who I was going to sponsor! Finally on my birthday, I saw the picture of Jose!* I opened up a letter and saw the picture. The letter had all the information about Jose and I was so happy to learn about him.

My Uncle Michael showed me pictures of all the kids that came to visit in the Fall and he told me a little bit about each child— he said that even though Honduras may be poor, the children of Amigos de Jesús are rich in kindness and love, they’re very kind and happy. 

6.) Anything else you would like to say?

For Christmas, I also asked Santa Claus to get the children of Amigos de Jesús whatever they wanted.  I wanted that for them really badly. I really want to go and visit the children in Honduras soon!