What Amigos de Jesús Means to Me

By Julie, Santiago, and Isa Quesada

Julie Quesada

Before coming on staff with Amigos de Jesús as the Volunteer and Visitor Coordinator 2 years ago, I worked as a part-time volunteer in the US helping get the summer program off the ground each year. My three children get to accompany me to Honduras each summer.  They attend Escuelita (our summer program) and build their own relationships with the Amigos kids.  I asked my 2 oldest to write what Amigos means to them and here are their responses:


Isa Quesada (age 10)

Amigos is one of my favorite places to go in the summer! Everyone is so nice, and I always have so much fun there! Escuelita is one of my favorite parts because we get to do science and computers and lots of other subjects. Once, we launched a bottle rocket! It was so cool.


I also have so many great friends there! Like I said, everyone is so nice! My mom works at Amigos, and it is always one of the best parts of the summer when we get to go with her. After Escuelita, we can do stuff like go on the slide, play other games outside, or got to the farm with our friends.

I love Amigos!!!!

Santiago Quesada (age 12)


The moment I entered Amigos I knew that I would like it. And I was right. Amigos is a place where you can just be yourself. When you’re there, you can simply enjoy life.

Not only is the place itself wonderful, but the beauty that surrounds it.  Amigos is a place where you can experience things that you normally can’t at home.  You learn new things from other people of all ages.

 At Amigos you have no fear of being judged.  People value morals and know that being kind is the right thing to do, so they don’t think twice about it.  Amigos is a community that I am glad to have grown up with, and I know that it’ll just keep getting better.  When you come to Amigos, you discover true bliss.  Amigos is the place for me and it might be the place for you.