#20years20lessons Lesson #18 ~ Adonis Cantellano

Adonis Cantellano, warmly known as Adonisito (little Adonis), definitely isn't so little anymore, though when he joined our family he was one of our tiniest children, and also one of our most rambunctious. Adonisito is a bright young man who is currently in university studying to become a doctor. He works as hard in school as he has on overcoming his past challenges to become a kind, loving, and humble young man. He is a wonderful example to our younger children and will be a blessing to Honduras as a doctor! Read more from Adonisito below:


Hello, my name is Adonis and I just want to talk a little about the values I have learned since coming to Amigos de Jesús, which are the principle values, the ones we all know, as well as the ones that they have taught us here. These lessons would not have been possible without the presence of many people who, sometimes without even knowing it, have won a place in each of our hearts. Padrino Wilson is one of those people and someone I admire a lot. I have learned from him to always treat everyone equally, no matter if they are a boy, girl, man, or woman. He taught me to leave ‘machismo’ (male chauvinism) behind and to be fair and just with all people, no matter who they are. Another person I admire a lot for his character is Fr. Den because he fights for important causes and takes on big projects, like Amigos de Jesús itself. I feel really proud to be able to be part of this big Family.  Fr. Den planted the seeds here that have now grown, and we, the children and members of the Amigos de Jesús family, are the trees. One day we are going to grow up and bear fruit, and those ‘fruits’ will be doctors, lawyers, engineers, everything. Soon we will become part of society and others will see us not as just anyone, but as people who are an examples to follow, and not by our merits, but by our humility and the values that so many people here at Amigos de Jesús have instilled in us. For all of this, Amigos de Jesús, I love you!



*Adonis is over 18 years old and therefore provided permission for his name to be disclosed online.