#20years20lessons Lesson #17 ~ Delia*

Delia* was one of the first "big" girls to join the Amigos de Jesús family and continues to be one of our oldest girls. She is known and loved for her sweetness, her kind and generous nature, and her spunky personality. Her confidence and mature outlook on life constantly leave people asking, "Is she really only 15?" Read more from Delia below: 

When I came to Amigos de Jesús, I thought that it would be just like it was in my house but being here, I realized that Amigos de Jesús is more than a family. It is a place where we can find peace, love, even education.  Amigos de Jesús means so much for all of the children here because this ‘hogar’ is a blessing from God. We are grateful to the benefactors, the ‘padrinos’ and ‘madrinas,’ the directors, our lawyer Suyapa, Father Den, and the coordinators for everything that they do to care for us and give us an education. God, through his salvation and blessing, has allowed Amigos de Jesús to grow to what it is. I am also thankful for the volunteers for helping us here. Amigos de Jesús is the best thing that there is in my life and I give thanks to everyone that helps us. Many blessings. 


*Name changed to protect privacy