#20years20lessons Lesson #14 ~ Francisco Roman

When Amigos de Jesús began to partner with BECA in 2013 to turn our Spanish-language school into a bilingual school where our children could learn in English and Spanish, we decided that the lives of the children of Amigos would be enriched by being in the classroom with children from the neighboring communities.  This partnership and the development of our school into the most sought-after place for neighbor children to receive an education has been a beautiful step in the fulfillment of the mission of Amigos de Jesús.  The families who entrust their children’s education to us have become family and have enriched the lives of the entire Amigos de Jesús family, especially the lives of our children.

 Francisco Roman is the President of the Parents Committee of the Amigos de Jesús Bilingual School. A baker and tortilla maker by trade, he spends most of his free time chairing fundraisers, attending meetings, and doing everything he can to support Amigos de Jesús.  He and his wife, Lauren, have three children.  Their son, Francisco, is in 2nd grade at our school, their daughter,  Lauren Denise, is in pre-school, and 1-year-old Sofia was baptized in the first baptism performed by Padre Patricio as a Deacon. Read more from Francisco below:

I am so grateful for Amigos de Jesús for the welcome they have given my family and me during so many important moments of our lives. I understand what a blessing it is to have my children in the Amigos de Jesús Bilingual School.

In the few short years I have known Amigos de Jesús, I have witnessed and learned from the love that is given to each child, and the organizational commitment to educate and prepare engaged and productive Honduran citizens who will contribute to the development of our country.