#20years20lessons Lesson #11 ~ Jenn and Dan Braus

Jenn and Dan Braus have been involved with Amigos de Jesús since 2012 when Jenn served on a consulting team with a group of Harvard graduate students. Their love for Amigos led them to spend almost a year in Honduras after Jenn's 2013 graduation where they fulfilled many roles; none more important than foster parents to a 2-year-old little girl who was temporarily living at Amigos de Jesús. Read more from Jenn and Dan below: 

During our time living and working with our Amigos de Jesús family, we learned the importance of celebrating the joys in life - both big and small.  Life is difficult - filled with hardships, separation and uncertainty.  At the same time, life is wonderful - filled with love, friendship and joy.  The children and staff of Amigos de Jesús have taught us how to celebrate what is wonderful in life even in the face of hardships.  They have taught us how celebrating the good can help carry us through the difficult.

Our Amigos de Jesús family has also taught us how to let go of our plans and expectations and lovingly react with a joyful and loving YES to the next unexpected circumstance put in our path.