#20years20lessons Lesson #10 ~ Suyapa Sabillon

Known as "Abogada" (lawyer), what Suyapa means to our Amigos family is so much more. From dealing with ever-changing government policies to creating exquisite decorations for special events, Suyapa is an integral part of Amigos de Jesús. And not only does she have a more than full-time job as Director of Legal Services, Human Resources, and Government Relations, but she is also a full-time foster mom to three sisters, including Melita* who she has cared for since she was 8 months old.  Read Suyapa's lesson below:

Suyapa on the day of her graduation in 2015 with her 'padrinos' - two of our children.

Amigos de Jesús has been like a school to me because I come from a place similar to Amigos but they never taught me how to heal my wounds while I was there.  Here, however, I have learned how to continue moving forward healing those wounds so that I can be someone that helps the children here heal their wounds. In truth, I don’t consider Amigos de Jesús to be just my work but instead my family because I learn something new everyday. I have learned that what I suffered as a child is nothing in comparison to the suffering and pain that our children have endured. At the same time, Amigos has given me something that for me seemed impossible – the chance to hear someone call me “mama.” I thought that I would never have that, that I would never hear that word in reference to myself but Amigos de Jesús has given me a beautiful family.  I don’t know what destiny has prepared for me but I want to continue being a light on the road for these children, especially in the lives of the three girls that live with me now.  And I hope that with the enthusiasm, commitment, and care that I show in everything that I do, there are people who realize that it’s easy to name or put labels on a person for what has happened to him/her, for what he or she has lived through but really, like our motto says, "Follow the cross and you will find hope," I have found hope here at Amigos.  Amigos de Jesús, like one of our ‘jovenes’ said, is “like heaven because here we have every thing that at one time we didn’t.”