Berkshire Bank Xtraordinary Day

On Wednesday, June 5, 2019, employees of Berkshire Bank in Pennsylvania spent the afternoon volunteering for Amigos de Jesús in Malvern, PA.

The enthusiastic group of 27 volunteers sorted, packed and loaded donations into our shipping container headed to Honduras soon.

Employees of Berkshire Bank Volunteering in Malvern, PA on June 5, 2019

Employees of Berkshire Bank Volunteering in Malvern, PA on June 5, 2019

Much of the sorting involved clothes donations.

But they also handled toys, tools, bicycles, books and other donations dropped off by our benefactors during our Annual Donation Drive on June 1.

It was a true team effort by the volunteers. Here they are inside the (very!) hot container moving the storage bins:

How much stuff did our Berkshire Bank volunteers take care of? How about 81 bins worth! Here’s the finished product of their “Xtraordinary” work:


The Xtraordinary Day of Service by Berkshire Bank is an annual event where employees participate in volunteer projects in their local communities.

This year employees participated in 36 service projects across six states. The day highlights the company’s commitment to supporting all of the communities that Berkshire Bank serves.

Berkshire Bank was recently named a finalist for the 2019 North America Employee Engagement Awards, in the Social Responsibility Category.

More Photos:

More Photos: