emily kirsch, volunteer 2018-2019


Graduated from Saint Louis University with a B.A. in Public Health and a minor in Spanish in May 2018

Before Coming to Amigos:

Before beginning my time at Amigos, I was pursuing my degree at Saint Louis University. Outside of my studies, I enjoyed working in campus ministry, participating in a service and faith learning community along with taking advantage of study abroad opportunities. I spent my summers working at a summer camp for children with autism.

Motivation for coming to Amigos:

Ever since I found out that doing a year of service was a viable post-grad option during my freshman year of college, it had always been in the back of my mind. I knew pursuing a year of service would provide daily learning opportunities and push me to grow in all areas of life.  I was hoping to find an organization in a Spanish-speaking country that included working with children and had an intentional volunteer community. While I also considered other organizations, Amigos stuck out because of their unwavering commitment to putting the needs of the kids first, the strong sense of family, and the incorporation of faith into life at Amigos.


I am very excited to have jobs in multiple areas of Amigos de Jesús. At the school, I will be teaching 8th Grade Math along with providing one-on-one resource assistance for students. In my work in the Hogar, I will be serving as the assistant to the medical coordinator along with helping to organize dental care. These roles include passing out daily medications, helping with paperwork and organization in the medical office, and at times attending doctor and dental appointments. My final responsibility will be coordinating the Padrino letters that are written back and forth between the kids and their godparents in the States. Outside of these roles, I am looking forward to spending time playing with the kids and investing time in the beautiful family here!