Gabriela Perdomo School Vice-Principal

Gabriela Perdomo
School Vice-Principal

Profe Gabby joined the Amigos de Jesus family in 2017 after several years teaching Spanish at a bilingual school in San Pedro Sula. She jumped in quickly and has made great contributions in her short time here. With a ready smile and a willingness to do whatever it takes, Profe Gabby is an excellent addition to our school. Her organizational skills and teaching experience makes her a great asset and a great leader and someone who is looked up to by the many teachers at our school.

What do you like about Amigos de Jesus?

What I most like is that we are all helping make sure our school is a safe place for the children where we can see their personal and academic growth while each day they are able to be healed from the wounds inflicted by the suffering and abandonment of their pasts.

What have you learned at Amigos de Jesus?

I quickly learned that Amigos de Jesus is more than a home or a school; it is a sanctuary of love, patience, kindness and teaching and above all a place of hope for all who need it.