Amigos de Jesús History

Amigos de Jesús, a Home for children in Honduras, is situated on 200 acres of rural farmland. It was founded in 1997 by a Honduran nun, Sister Teresita, a North American lay couple, Christine and Anthony Granese, and an Archdiocesan Philadelphia priest, Father Dennis O’Donnell.  Since then, our community has grown to support more than 100 children on-site at our home and to financially support more than 400 children within various parts of Honduras as well as in Guyana and Tanzania.

  • 1994: Anthony Granese built the Home for children, Finca del Nino, in Honduras and was joined by his future wife, Christine.
  • 1996: Father Dennis O’Donnell met Sister Teresita on a visit to Finca del Nino and is told of a great need of a Home for children in the Santa Barbara area of Honduras.
  • 1997: In May, Christine and Anthony, on their honeymoon in Honduras, met with Sister Teresita and along with Father Dennis O’Donnell decided to build a Home for boys to complement Sister Teresita’s Home for girls. Construction began in September. Children immediately begin to walk into their new home, living in makeshift housing.
  • 1998: Land is farmed with corn and beans which are used to feed neighboring villages after the devastation caused by Hurricane Mitch.
  • 1999: The first residence for children and administration/residence buildings are completed and filled immediately with children.
  • 2000: Cows, horses, goats, pigs and other animals become part of the community.
  • 2001: A 25-foot cross is completed at the top of the hill, visible for miles, symbolizing the motto of Amigos de Jesús – “Follow the Cross and you will find Hope”.
  • 2002: Welding and carpentry shops are equipped with machinery.
  • 2005: The chapel and volunteer center are completed.
  • 2006: The bilingual school is built.
  • 2008: The computer lab is built and the library receives a donation of books.
  • 2010: Construction begins on new residences for an additional 120 children. 
  • 2011: 13 new children arrive.
  • 2012:  Four new residences open and Amigos de Jesús welcomes it's first girls. 17 new children arrive.
  • 2013: 37 new children arrive.
  • 2014: 21 new children arrive.