Kelley Kuyat Director of Development

Kelley Kuyat
Director of Development

I went to law school with one goal: to repair the injustice and inequality in the world. Upon graduation, I was hired as a staff attorney at Southwestern PA Legal Aid Society. During my years here, I was privileged to work for an employer who allowed me to be myself. He enjoyed my hunger to change the world. It was not long before I was an advocate for children and families and overseeing hundreds of cases. I worked for a tough boss who had seen something in me and who took a chance on my boldness and zeal. Throughout my career I have continued to have a passion for the marginalized. 

Because of my work in both law and fundraising at a homeless shelter and rehabilitation center, I was fortunate to find employment in development at an independent school outside of Philadelphia, where my husband had landed a teaching job. During this time, I had the privilege of working for another employer who allowed me to be myself, to learn as much as I could, and to create my own route to achievement. In short, I learned everything and anything I possibly could about fundraising and development.  I went on to work in fundraising at other independent schools because of the knowledge and expertise I gained from that employer.

And now God, who is faithful to bring to fruition the work that he begins in us, has given me the opportunity to use the skills I learned in the independent school system for granting hope to children who have been largely abandoned by everyone and everything that serves as the very basic beginning of human development.

Because of the trust that two bosses had in me, I am prepared with the skills and the passion and joy to give my all to the mission of Amigos de Jesús. I view the honor of serving these children a sacred journey, to use all that I am to give all that I am able.