Graduated from the University of Delaware in December 2017 with a B.A. in Psychology, Criminal Justice, and Sociology

Before Coming to Amigos:

After graduating in the fall, I was working as a waitress while I decided what to do with the next stage of my life. I knew I wanted to further my education at grad school, but I also knew that I wanted to take a gap year.

Motivation for Coming to Amigos:

My family has known Father Dennis for many years and are supporters of Amigos de Jesús. However, I never really thought about Amigos until my brother mentioned that he was going to apply in February. In that moment, I had a really good feeling about it, and then in March my brother mentioned it again.  I applied right away and was later accepted. I had no idea what I was going to do or what Amigos was like. I really didn’t even have enough time to prepare myself to go down, but I knew that God was calling me to this place and that I was making the right decision.

Job Responsibilities/Duties at Amigos:

I teach English to all three levels of EducaTodos. EducaTodos students are those with learning or behavioral difficulties and others who struggle in a normal classroom setting. I try to provide them with more individualized learning and behavioral plans so that they have the chance to reach their full potentials.