Lindsey Kuitse, 2016-2018 volunteer

Graduated from Western Illinois University with a triple major in Spanish, Anthropology, and Religious Studies


Before coming to Amigos, I was finishing up my senior year at WIU. Aside from my responsibilities as a student, I was a student-athlete playing on the Women’s Soccer team in addition to being involved with several other campus organizations.

Motivation for coming to Amigos

I have felt called to do a year of service since my senior year of high school but I was never sure what exactly that service would look like. A short study abroad experience in India as well as my decision to major in Spanish helped solidify my desire to do service both internationally and in a Spanish-speaking country. As I began praying and seriously thinking about a year of international service, I ran across the Amigos de Jesús website and it was just as if all the puzzle pieces fell into place.  I hadn’t been 100% sure what I was looking for in a program or year of service but it just seemed like Amigos had everything – the chance to live in an intentional community and grow in my own faith, the opportunity to work with children, and the ability to help in the education and growth of children in their own cultural context to name a few.


I am very excited and grateful to be able to continue serving at Amigos in a second year of service.  This year, my primary focus is communications. Under that umbrella, I work as the social media and photography lead, coordinate our sponsorship letter program and volunteer alumni newsletter on the Honduras side, and work in general communication with the U.S. office for special projects and the like. I’ve continued to work in the Superheroes (Special Education) classroom, this year teaching an English class once a week, and handling dental appointments through our med office. I also help with resource teaching and teach volleyball in our after school activities program. Nights and weekends are spent hanging out with the kids – laughing, playing games, helping with homework, coloring, etc. – and helping around the ‘hogar,’ especially in the boys dorm that I am assigned to.