Maritza Rodriguez Administrative and Kitchen Coordinator

Maritza Rodriguez
Administrative and Kitchen Coordinator

Maritza came to Amigos de Jesus as a young high school graduate fresh from her home community of San Rafael, Lempira. This was her first job and she has demonstrated a responsibility, maturity and leadership that has made her an essential piece of our mission in Honduras. From preparing meals to balancing the books, from tracking people down for receipts to caring for children in a pinch, Maritza is willing and able to do whatever is needed at Amigos de Jesus. While working here full time she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Educational Leadership in 2013, and a Master’s Degree in Business Management in 2016. She is currently working on improving her English skills to better communicate with our Malvern, PA office.

What do you like about Amigos de Jesus?

I love to know that through Amigos de Jesus I am doing my part to contribute to the future of our children. This fills me with hope.

What have you learned at Amigos de Jesus?

Amigos de Jesus has been my school both professionally and personally. I have learned so many things here.