natalie douris, VOLUNTEER 2018-2019


Graduated from Seton Hall University with a B.A. in Social Work in May 2018

Before coming to Amigos:

Before coming to Amigos, I was finishing my degree in Social Work. I left the States only a month after graduation.

Motivation for coming to Amigos:

In my Junior year of university, I went on my first international service trip to Jamaica. During this trip, I felt God calling me to do more service work internationally. I continued to travel and do service with my university, and finally discerned long-term service work in a Spanish- speaking country. Eventually, God guided my path towards Amigos, and it felt like the perfect choice.


Here at Amigos, I am the English Teacher for both ‘Kinder’ (Preschool) and ‘Colegio’ (Junior High). Before my school day begins each day, I also take care of our ‘chiquitos,’ the three youngest children who do not yet spend very much time in the classroom.