Christina Gennaoui, 2016-2017 volunteer

Graduated from Rowan University with a major in physics, minors in math and business administration

After college, I was living in upstate NY and working as a quality engineer for the Dept. of the Army. Last year, I was a volunteer with BECA and served as the Prepa (kindergarten) teacher in the bilingual school at Amigos.

Motivation for coming to Amigos:

When I think back to my first visit to Amigos, on a week-long mission trip, I can't really pinpoint my exact motivation for coming. But I can easily say it's the joy I feel being around the kids, the passion I feel for the work that I do here, and the friends I've made in the Amigos community that keep me wanting to come back!


This year I will be serving as the Medical Lead, helping to keep the kids of Amigos healthy and happy! I'll administer first aid, accompany the kids on appiontments, distribute medications, maintain health records, help to coordinate medical brigades... anything medical related, I'll have a hand in it. I'll also be teaching English to Level 2 of the EducaTodos program at the Amigos school and helping in the school library.