Osman Edgardo Quintanilla School Principal

Osman Edgardo Quintanilla
School Principal

Profe. Osman came to Amigos de Jesus in 2010, as a teenager armed with a high school teaching degree who taught fifth grade. In an unorthodox but excellent decision, he was named school principal in 2011 at the age of 20. His leadership of the school has enabled us to go from a tiny school of a few dozen students, to the most prestigious school in the community with over 200 children from the home and neighboring areas with 15 different classes. Our children have benefited greatly from his vision, creativity and passion to educate people who will transform Honduras. He completed his Bachelor’s Degree in 2017 and is currently working on strengthening his English skills to better communicate with our many international teachers. Originally from Proteccion, Santa Barbara, he now makes his home near Amigos de Jesus.

What do you like about Amigos de Jesus?

I love to work at Amigos de Jesus, what I most enjoy is seeing how the school has grown and watching how our children heal over time.

What have you learned at Amigos de Jesus?

What I have learned working at Amigos de Jesus is that a school is more than a place where children learn to read and write; it’s about transforming lives and constant adaptation to the needs of the children.