Amigos de Jesús Bilingual School

Amigos de Jesús relies on a Bilingual Primary School that provides the children at the Home with a high quality education. Because the majority of the children who come to our Home do not have a formal education, Amigos de Jesús offers a unique and personalized program that does not exist in the current public school system. The school counts on professional and volunteer staff members, from Honduras as well as from various parts of the world, forming an excellent team of teachers led by a specialized director.

For students who require more support, Amigos de Jesús offers a separate educational path with the majority of instruction in the native language, though students still receive exposure to the English language. This program is staffed by Honduran volunteers who receive intensive educational training, an unprecedented practice in Honduras which benefits the professional development of the teachers as well as the education of the students. Students with greater needs receive special education

Currently, the bilingual school has more than 150 students enrolled. Of those students, slightly more than half live at the Amigos de Jesús Home for Children, while the other students live in the surrounding region. We believe education is the only way to alleviate and one day break the cycle of poverty and unemployment. Bilingual education in particular comes at a high premium in Honduras. By offering a quality bilingual education at an affordable cost, Amigos de Jesús aims to raise the overall standard of learning in our region, training the next generation of Honduran citizens and preparing them for economic and social leadership of their families and country.

At Amigos de Jesús, we pride ourselves on our ability to work personally with each child and adolescent to facilitate their personal, spiritual, and educational growth. The majority of our children and teenagers also go to high school and have the opportunity to attend the University or to be trained in some trade or skill after finishing their studies at Amigos de Jesús.

Beca (Bilingual Education for Central America) 

In fall 2013, Amigos de Jesús began a partnership with BECA (Bilingual Education for Central America) to offer a fully integrated English immersion program, not only for our students, but for the broader community.

Special Education


The majority of our children and young people are preparing to become professionals and responsible workers, but some of them will be part of our Family for the rest of their lives due to their different abilities and the specialized attention that they need. Students with greater needs receive special education complete with therapies and inclusion in the general classroom.  The special education and trade skills that we offer help them to share their talents and in this way contribute to the daily functioning of the Home. 


Vocational Training

At Amigos de Jesús we strive to help the children in our care develop independent, sustainable lives and become productive members of society.  We instill in them a conviction for service that involves a lifetime of giving back to Amigos de Jesús and their community at large.  Part of this process is their education and vocational training.  Although many of the children are now aspiring to higher education, we give all of them vocational training as well so as to ensure a trade and a way toward economic independence.  Vocational training includes learning skills in carpentry and woodworking, agriculture and farming, welding, cooking, and other occupations.

The Home sits on over 200 acres of land, which gives Amigos de Jesús plenty of space for a hands-on agricultural program. Agriculture is responsible for more than 14% of Honduras’ GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and is, therefore, a vital skill for the children to learn.  Coffee beans, oranges, corn, sugar cane, yucca, bananas and other crops are grown and utilized for nourishment at the Home and surrounding communities.  Amigos de Jesús is also home to a host of horses, cows, goats and other animals.  Children learn animal husbandry and life skills while caring and providing for these animals.  

The children also learn construction skills.  They have been a part of the on-site building projects throughout the Home’s development and continue to be involved in the repairs and additions to the facility.

Amigos de Jesús is blessed to have had the opportunity to build a woodshop for the children where they can grow to appreciate the skill of woodworking, learn a useful trade, and contribute to the Amigos de Jesús Home.  The children have made doors, furniture, and decorate items for the facility which gives them the opportunity to proudly display their work.