Phil Rapone Executive Director – US

Phil Rapone
Executive Director – US

I joined the Amigos de Jesus family as Executive Director in Jan 2018. I’ve had a 20-year relationship with Amigos as a donor and personal friend with the Fr. O’Donnell, who is the co-founder of the organization.

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pa., I attended catholic grade school and high school and received my college education at Drexel University and La Salle University majoring in Accounting and business. I started a commercial finance company in 1987 and worked for 30 years providing business loans to small and mid-sized businesses throughout the US.

I decided to venture into the non-profit sector and use my business experience to advance the growth of the Amigos de Jesus organization. The 135 children of Amigos transformed my life after just one visit to our home in Honduras in 2011. It always amazes me that children who have such a rough start in life can be transformed into beautiful young people with hope for a bright future.

I see God’s hand at work in the Amigos de Jesus family every day. From the amazing people I get to work with to the volunteers and donors, it’s humbling to watch the sacrifice, heart and commitment of so many people working for something that is larger than themselves.

As the US Executive Director, I oversee the general management of our organization. This includes finance, fundraising, operations, and strategic planning. I also work closely with our Honduras directors to help facilitate their ongoing needs in management of the school, housing, budgeting, planning and finance.